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In Siniscola grows an ancient and misterious citrus, “La Pompia”, that is one of the typical vegetables that grows only here. This citrus is yellow colored and resembles the cedar. The more likely theory says it is a mix between lemon and cedar born naturally maybe in medieval age. “Sa Pompia” has a strong natural bond with this land, that is because it is used in the production of tradtional sweets, also known as “Sa Pompia intrea” and “S’Aranzata”, cooked following an ancient receipe passed on orally.
This fruit is used in the making of a lot of foods, such as panna cotta with Pompia, granita, ice creams, sorbets and jams; and that is not all! from its yellow outer peel is made a digestive liqueur called “Pompia’s liqueur”.
Sa Pompìa is also used in make up and herborist fields for it is a natural remedy for cought, sore throat, flu and loss of appetite.
On the 18 of August 2004 was born a Slow Food defender of “Sa Pompia”.

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