Ancora Restaurant  offers its guests an opportunity to meet and share stories and emotions in an atmosphere of friendliness and conviviality.
The chef offers typical Sardinian dishes, enhancing the flavors of the sea and the land. Selecting the freshest products and short supply chain, cheeses and typical products renowned all over the world also welcomes the tastes of the most demanding palates.
Theme dinners and show cooking shows enliven the restaurant, which lends itself to accommodate even special events to remember unique and unrepeatable moments.

Soft All Inclusive Restaurant


TheSoft All Inclusive service starts at 8.00 AM and ends at 11.00 PM andincludes:


  • Full-board buffet treatment
  • Soft drinks from dispensers at the Bar during the day;


  • Snacks
  • Tea time with small pastry
  • Gastronomic events every week 
Special Offers & Last minute

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